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I have served on my condo association’s board for a few years.  In 2013, we made the decision to look for a new management company.  We wanted a company that didn’t manage from behind a desk and didn’t charge us extra for every little thing.

We have been with S.S. Maguire since September 2013 and they have been a pleasure to work with.  Brian, our property manager is hands-on, very familiar with the property and handles things so professionally. I would highly recommend S.S. Maguire to any condo association that is looking to make a change.  Steve and Brian are the best!!

Trisha Eveleth
Hampton Towne Estates Condo Association

Jon & I would like to thank you very much for being the head of the management company and for doing a great job!

This is the best ever management in the 16 years we’ve lived here. We know it can be a thankless job but wanted to say thank you for everything. Your work is greatly appreciated.

Jon & Gloria Wennberg, U 58 Riverbrook Condo – dated 10/22/10

Paul and I are so pleased with your management company and hope you are with Hampton Meadows for a long time.

Cyndi, resident at Hampton Meadows – dated 6/20/09

“S.S. Maguire has delivered exactly what we needed. Their knowledge, experience and responsiveness has resulted in increased property values, peace of mind and an overall improvement in our quality of life.”

Ed Hart, President, Wheelwright Landing Association – dated 9/06/09

“Since Thornhill Condominium Association brought on S.S. Maguire Management to oversee its operations it has seen results far beyond its expectations. S.S. Maguire Management has a sharp eye for the big picture and has thus consolidated areas/services that were previously overlapping and costly. This has eliminated both waste and duplicity and as a result has saved costs and inconsistencies. S.S. Maguire Management is proactive, efficient, detailed oriented and is 100% accessible. The feed back from the unit owners has been very positive. They are very pleased with S.S. Maguire Management rapid response to their needs. Thornhill Condo Association has now become a smooth running, totally efficient organization thanks to S.S. Maguire Management.”

Joyce Mackenzie, President, Thornhill Condominium Association – dated 9/09/09

“I am very satisfied with the professional and friendly service that I consistently receive from SS Maguire Management. Steve Miller from SS Maguire Management ensures that our property is well taken care of and always maintains excellent lines of communication. As a result he has become a tremendous asset to our property. Steve is both trustworthy and knowledgeable and consistently offers valuable insight and suggestions in the management of our property. I would recommend SS Maguire Management for anyone in need of professional property management services.”

Erin Anderson, Treasurer, Wheelwright Landing Association – dated 9/11/09

Steve Miller of S. S. Maguire Management has been property manager for Thornhill Condominium Association since June, 2008. Since that time, Steve has done an incredible job of organizing and identifying areas of concern and addressing items needing updating or elimination. The financial condition and future direction of our association is clear and on track. Steve has worked tirelessly at resolving many issues facing our association that have had an important financial impact. These types of issues were ones that an average property manager would have either failed to identify or simply not considered part of the job. The association has benefited greatly from his hard work and dedication. Steve has been extremely responsive to all three association directors and handles all three different personalities in a professional manner. As a member of the board of directors for the past 7 years, I have complete confidence in the integrity and performance of S. S. Maguire Management and highly recommend their services to any association.

Natalie S. Perry, Treasurer, Thornhill Condominium Association – dated 11/14/09

As a member of the Wheelwright Landing Association for over 10 years, it has been a privilege to have Steve Miller of SS Maguire take over as our Property Manager for the past 2 years. Not only does Steve bring value through his high level customer service, accessibility and onsite management, but Steve is also able to provide valuable guidance across various platforms, whether it be financial, legal, or insurance. Steve is constantly visiting our Association and walking the property, examining buildings and property. Steve often times is aware of issues within our Association property or buildings prior to them being brought to his attention. Steve and SS Maguire\’s ability to fix issues during emergency situations was proven to our Association during the December Ice storm of 2008, when he was immediately able to get a team onsite to deal with large ice dams that had formed on our buildings. Even the smallest issues such as a light bulb on a parking lot light being out, are handled quickly, and not brushed aside. You can put your trust in SS Maguire Management and know they will protect, guide and bring value to your Association.

Jeff Shapiro, Wheelwright Landing Association – dated 01/07/10

I am writing to offer an endorsement of Steve Miller and S.S. Maguire Management’s service to condominium management. As President of the River Ridge Condominium Association Board of Directors for the past three years and as a 24 year resident of this mature (25 year old), 47 unit townhouse complex, I have worked closely with Steve and S.S. Maguire Management in the ongoing care of the commonly owned and shared parts of this community. I can offer an enthusiastic endorsement of Steve and S.S. Maguire Management’s services based upon an appraisal of a number of his skills and personal attributes.

As a property manager, Steve brings a range of important skills such as: broad knowledge of the real estate market; considerable experience in property management including building maintenance issues and grounds and lawn care; excellent skill in cataloging and presenting detailed financial information useful to the Board and their deliberations and decision-making. Steve works with the Board in order to assure that all of us have the information that we need prior to making important decisions. Of note, we just completed a large project that involved an assessment of unit owners to rebuild all of the decks. The project has been completed successfully. We received nothing but praise from unit owners regarding the level of detail that went into planning all aspects of this project. We can thank Steve for much if not most of this thoughtful and careful planning.

On a personal and interpersonal note, Steve is respectful and attentive to all unit owners and listens with a careful ear to their concerns. He is reliable and responsive in addressing all problems and concerns of unit owners and Board members. He has the uncommon ability to attend to both the big picture and the long range plan for the complex as well as the “devil in the details” that is required for the day to day care of the complex. Please don’t hesitate to call me if you have particular questions that you feel I might be able to answer about Steve and his work.

Margaret A. Crowley, President, River Ridge Condominium Association – dated 01/28/10




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