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The Property Management ProfessionalsS.S. Maguire Management, LLC is a full service property management company specializing in the management of condominium complexes (residential and commercial), mix-use developments, multi-united apartment buildings and single family homes. Our area of concentration is Southern New Hampshire, Seacoast Region of New Hampshire, and Northern Massachusetts.

Our team has extensive knowledge in many aspects of the property management industry, including financing, construction management, leasing, engineering, brokerage as well specialized and licensed professionals that will meet all of your demands. Our staff includes property managers, real estate agents/brokers, construction managers, and expert tradesmen. S.S. Maguire Management property management philosophy is based on a foundation of honesty, reliability, teamwork, streamlined communication process, and hard work. We offer our clients the highest level of service and response time that no other company can equal. From executive management to overall maintenance, S.S. Maguire Management will provide what you have been looking for in a property management company.

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